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Dr. Marsy, Bariatric Surgeon

I am a General Surgeon and have been practicing Obesity Surgery for over ten years. I have been working with FeelWell for several years, and this relationship has been to the immense benefit of my patients. This company is very responsive. Their products are of high quality and always very well adapted. It's tailor-made and evolves with the weight loss of the patient. In hindsight, I can honestly say that this company and their service is unanimously appreciated by the several hundred patients I have operated on that have been supported by FeelWell garments.

Dr. Lous, General Surgeon

I give all of my patients undergoing bariatric surgery an abdominal garment from FeelWell. The garments give my patients a higher quality of life, empower them every day, and allows them to resume physical activity quickly. It is necessary for patients to wear the garments for as long as they are losing weight. Sometimes this takes several garments. When patients understand the importance of compression garments and wear them every day, they tend to be extremely satisfied with the results.

Dr. Cazeres

I have been prescribing FeelWell garments for almost three years. My patients have been incredibly satisfied with the comfort and quality of the garments as well as the professionalism of the FeelWell staff. For bariatric surgery, these garments are incredibly effective in improving the patients’ balance and mobility, thus allowing them to resume physical activity. Plus, they optimize the patient’s lean body mass and give them the best results from their surgery. In the post-operative period, patients can resume physical activity more easily, and the compression decreases the subcutaneous inflammation, making it possible to put the prolapsed skin in a more advantageous position, and in some cases avoid reconstructive surgery. The garments are also very effective for herniation before and after surgery and are far more comfortable than other abdominal support garments on the market. They are tailor-made to fit patients of any body type and are appropriate for aquatic use. All the surgeons at my clinic prefer FeelWell products for the reasons listed, but above all, because the patients are incredibly satisfied with them.