Ordering a FeelWell compression garment couldn’t be any easier for your patients. We offer them a streamlined, easy-to-follow process that ensures they get a garment that fits perfectly without hassle. All they have to do is meet with a fitting specialist, and you’ll have your garment in 7-10 days. Here’s how it works.

The first step is for your patient to meet with a FeelWell Fitting Specialist to choose the garment that best suits his or her needs and to get measured. You can choose to host a FeelWell Fitting Specialist in your office during specific days or times to make fitting convenient for your patients. Alternatively, you can provide your patients with a FeelWell prescription sheet and direct them to the nearest FeelWell authorized retailer.

Book an Appointment

First, they need to book an appointment with one of our specially trained fitting specialists. They can call or email to schedule an appointment at our nearest location or book an in-home appointment.

Find the Nearest Center for Measurement

Ordering & Receiving their Garment

During the appointment with the fitting specialist, they will make recommendations for choosing the right garment for their needs and discuss customization options.

Getting Measured

Our Fitting Specialist will take up to 21 precise measurements to guarantee a perfectly fitting garment with just the right amount of compression where you need it most.

Quick Delivery

Once they’ve placed the order, their new compression garment will arrive in just 7-10 days!

Fitting Test

Once the garment arrived, they’ll meet with our Fitting Specialist again to ensure your custom-made garment fits perfectly.